Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Well that pretty much flew by didn't it? One second I'm scrambling to get some gifts wrapped and today I'm polishing off a box of Pot of Gold.


I think Mark and I decided to get all of our hosting out in one week because we did a lot of it. Christmas Eve we hosted a neighbour visit, we had 14 people for Christmas dinner the next day, then came an unexpected break over the next two days due to the snow storm, but reconvened on the 30th for a dinner with my dad and his wife. Then we decided, hey why don't we have a few people over for New Years Eve? Don't get me wrong... it was all fun. But somehow it went by in a flash!

So here we are today. The hubster has gone back to work. We had a play date this morning and now the  kidlets are sleeping and I decided to write something in this darn blog.

Why not see what I got accomplished from 2012 and see what's on tap for the big '13?

Let's see:

Last year I wanted to add some finishing touches to the main floor powder room: Guess what? This is DONE! Well almost done, but if you can believe it, we got 99% of it done a few days before Christmas. It wasn't even something we were going to do right now, but the guy who built our fence said he could do it in a day, so why not? Pics to come soon!

Also on the list were some finishing touches to our bedroom: Not done. We've done a couple things here and there but nothing that really makes a big difference yet.

A relaunch of my etsy shop was another addition to the list last year. I kind of started to do this with some pillows I made, but I just wasn't feeling it. Some of the pillows are now on my couch and I rather like them there. We'll see if I come back to this. I kind of like sewing on an ad hoc basis and not having pressure to fill a shop. Maybe one day. I do, however, want to sew some things this year for myself so we'll see what fun projects I can come up with.

The last thing on the list was to get some photos framed around the house. I did manage to do this in the basement:

Was that really this year? Man seems like a long time ago! I also have some frames around the rest of the house that I'll share later.

One other thing that wasn't on the list was my office/sunroom! It's almost done. The bench is done and new shelves are up! I'm just waiting to get some pillows and get all the Christmas crap outta there...because of course it was a catch-all for everything over the holidays.

Ok so what's up for 2013?

Just a couple things:

1. A place for everything: Since cleaning out (for the most part) my office, I've decided that this year will be the year of organization. We're well on track for getting things organized, but I really want to put an effort into it this year.

2. Going Veg: I've decided that I'd like to try to be a vegetarian - Mark is on board with this too which is great. We watched a movie over the holidays called Vegucated that literally had me in tears (mostly hormones I'm sure!!) and it's really making me rethink my meat-eating choices. It won't be hard at home - we don't really cook a lot of meat dishes although it does make it more challenging to come up with dinner ideas sometimes! We'll see. We might just keep it as a 'Week Day Veg' type thing where we're vegetarian at home and eat whatever is offered to us when eating with friends and family.

3. On a related note, I want to become a better cook: I love cooking and looking up ideas for cooking, but I'm not a great cook. My cooking lacks flavour many times and it's something I want to change.

4. Get Leo potty-trained: It's a biggie, but I'm really hoping to get this done in the first half of the year.

So those are the big goals to obtain, but I think I can do it!

What are you going to do this year?


  1. I was vegetarian for nearly 10 years, and didn't cook meat at all for my first 5 years or so once out of university. I think it helped make me a good cook! I didn't rely on the standard "formula" for dinner of meat/veg/starch that so many people do - I found creative and tasty recipes for my rotation. We still don't cook a lot of meat at home - but I do enjoy opening up my options when out to eat :)

    If you don't have them yet I'd recommend checking out the Moosewood cookbooks. A great series of cookbooks with some really tasty recipes.

  2. Thanks Cari! I'll check them out.


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