lamp shade cover-up

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Leo is in daycare again today, so I made a list of things to get done.
  • Drink coffee at my favourite cafe - done!
  • Make lots of turkey burgers for the freezer - done!
  • Fold the diapers strewn over the living room - done!
  • Watch Rookie Blue - in progress!
  • Lamp shade cover-up - done!
  • Nap - not done yet!
  • Baby delivering - ya...nope.
While I'm waiting to get in a nap and a baby delivered, I thought I would show you my lamp.

Here's the before:

Looks fine, but the colour was a bit off so it didn't look right. I had some fabric left over from my pillows etc so I decided to cover the shade with it.

A bit of sewing and glue gun action and tadaaa!

Much better and more fun.

Ok now time for that nap.

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