nursery update: pouf & ultra-mini sneak peek

Monday, July 16, 2012

I got the pouf done today at naptime, but not without some weird looks from my hubby. You see, when I saw the plans for this pouf a light went on in my head and I thought This would be the perfect project to get rid of all those old towels I'm sick of looking at... But when I brought them out to start stuffing, the hubster thought I was crazy for using old towels stating we'd need them for the kids and he uses them for hockey. So I left him some towels for hockey and got to stuffing.

Well that only got me stuffed halfway, so I went on the search for some other stuff to stuff. I've got everything from an old ironing board cover to a couple holy porch pillow covers and finally fiber fill and leftover foam from when I made my rocking chair seats last nursery time.

When I was finished, the hubs asked: "What is it for exactly?" 

"Something pretty! :) I don't know." 

I'm sure someone will sit on it or the kids will play with it. I just wanted to make one! :)
We also installed a ceiling fan in the nursery this weekend. I was going to opt for a pretty light, but I thought I would be practical instead. We got AC, but we still need fans in some rooms to keep the cool air circulating. We chose this white one so it would kind of blend in with the ceiling and we're quite happy with it.

Finally a little sneak peek at a corner of the nursery. I'm going to try to incorporate some golds into the room. This painting was given to us by my Mom's best friend who is an artist in BC.  I think it fits nicely!

So Happy Monday! It's my first day as a SAHM for a bit - things will get crazy I'm sure when #2 makes her appearance!



  1. Day one of mat leave? Nice!! Put your feet up as much as you can! It is so damn hot!

  2. Love, love, love the colors in the nursery!


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