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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thanks for visiting! I have a new update of the basement here!

I forgot that a million years ago I started telling you guys about the basement. It was pretty dusty down there, so I chose to block it out of my mind until today. Well not really, but I didn't go down there much. One of the finishing touches was added today (there are still a few more things to do!), so I thought I would share the almost completed basement. I still have to add lots of things to make it cozy like a rug, ottoman and photos etc., but it feels so great to get the main stuff done!

Our bevie area. We got the wine fridge from our realtor if you can believe it -- nice house warming gift! Mark wants to fill it with beer and when we were away for the long weekend we found this cute beer sign that I think fits perfect. I placed it over the mat in an ikea frame and voila! We still want to add a counter of some sort to the top of the ledge to finish it off. Maybe splurge on granite since it's such a small area.

(What I'm really thinking about when I look at this picture is that I have a very active baby boy and two very active nephews who I'm sure will use this ledge as a jumping off point sometime down the road. Really, what were we thinking!? :))

Here's the seating area with our ginormous black sectional that barely made it down the stairs. But it did, so yay! I'd like to sell the table pictured here (any takers?) and get a cozy ottoman with storage and a nice area rug to pull it all together.

A shot from my spot on the couch. The fireplace is covered in stone veneer and the tv stand is from ikea. The tv is actually on the wall, but it looks like it's resting on the receiver (it didn't fit in the stand along with the other components unfortunately). I want something straight lined and modern for over the fireplace to balance out all the rustic elements of the room.

We found this clock on the long weekend and thought it would be fun to hang on the column.

Shot of the bathroom from the seating area and also a shot of our barn doors. More on those in a sec.

The vanity is from Muti north of Toronto. We fell in love with the walnut colour. To match it, we opted for beiges (Gasp! Not grey?) because we got a good deal on the floor tile and worked around that. We still need a mirror obviously -- it will be a frameless piece of glass that will go full height from the vanity to the ceiling.

We went with beige-y tumbled marble tiles for the shower -- the shower head is dreamy and I will probably be showering down here from now on. The glass for the shower still needs to be installed.

Obviously we need to fix the window :)

Another shot of the barn doors. The one on the right is for the laundry room, which isn't quite finished yet. We really wanted barn doors, but not the expense, so we faked it. They're basically plain masonite with routed lines to make it look like a barn door. Then we painted them white and added the handles (they were added today and I love them!).

We went back and forth a kajabillion times on what to put on the floor. Originally we were going to put engineered hardwood, but it didn't work out for some reason. Then we thought carpet, but I didn't really want carpet everywhere, so then Mark offered up vinyl to which I made a really yucky face. Vinyl?? Ew. But then he brought home a sample and it looked like aged wood. Kind of fun and I was sold. I think it still needs to be cleaned about 3 or 4 more times because it has a lot of dust from the work that was done, but I just love how it turned out.

We decided to add a wood mantel over the fire place. My mom knew we were looking for a piece and told us she found one in her basement. It was buried back in the deep depths of her basement walls (I used to be afraid of what was in there when we were growing up!). Anyway she figures the wood is about 150 years old because that's how old her house is. Kind of cool to have it in our house.

Finally the pièce de résistance: our custom mirror! Mark just brought it home tonight! This has to my most favourite piece of furniture in the house (besides our dining room table). Mark's friend/co-worker got some barn board and made this amazing frame and ordered some mirror to fit the piece. We're going to hang it on the wall using very strong cleats (can't have this puppy falling down on the baby!) to cover the utility boxes on the wall.

So that's it so far! Sorry for the long winded post!


  1. such a gorgeous space and that mirror is stunning!

  2. Wow, wow, and wow again. I'd take that table off your hands if I lived a bit closer to you. The mantle is awesome. And I want a clean, modern bathroom! And barn doors! What a great space.

  3. Steph, your basement looks incredible!! Love the beverage area, the rustic mantel, the bathroom... Love it all!!

  4. Thanks Jenn and Susan! I love being down there now that's for sure!

  5. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Hi, what brand and color is the floor please? Thanks

    1. Hi there! I believe it's this one

  6. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Is it sheet vinyl or plank? It looks amazing!

  7. Monica8:21 AM

    I was looking at vinyl vs. laminate flooring and came across your blog. Are you a Lakeshore Mom?! Your name looks familiar :)

  8. Oh this is beautiful! I love how you built around the wine fridge! And your fireplace is fantastic!!

    1. Thanks! I should put up some updated photos - it looks more cozy down there now. I can't believe this is from 3 years ago!

  9. Anonymous1:04 PM

    how do you like the flooring after a couple of years?

    1. I love it! It's super durable and we've no issues with the quality or anything. I would highly recommend it along with in-floor heating.

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Just beautiful!!

  11. Anonymous3:52 PM



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