Clothing love...

Friday, October 24, 2014

I was looking recently at clothes online and came across this gorgeous top from Banana. I'm in love with it! Now I need a place to wear it to justify getting it...

Happy Friday!

An ode to beauty and fire in the sky

Thursday, October 23, 2014

There's a gorgeous tree on the way to Leo's school. The leaves are bright red and orange and there are a ton of them on the ground. I'm sure the home owners haven't cleaned them up because they're just so wonderful and vibrant. 

We pass the tree every day, but today the sun was shining through it at just the right time and it stopped me in my tracks.

It looked like fire in the sky.

It was beautiful and it made me realize that there are still beautiful things in this world, we just have to look up at them.

Let's keep the beauty alive for as long as we can. Let's keep that fire burning.

Assessing the corners of the house

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I was bored today so I took some random (fuzzy) photos of some corners of our house. The first four are from our living room, the fifth one is in our dining room, sixth is the back corner of my office, seventh is in my bedroom, eighth is the mudroom and the last is the crazy toy corner of our basement.

Here's what these photos tell me: 

1. I would like to get my shelving finished on the fireplace in the living room but over all I like the room.
2. I need some art for the walls or maybe some frames for my kids' paintings...
3. I really need to get rid of that yellow Bay bag in the second pic. It's full of random things from our street sale and has been there since May.
4. I need a proper kids' art station.
5. I would love to sand the kids' table and chairs (for some reason they think it's paper and write/paint all over it [and get it out of my office]).
6. We had to take some of the plants in from outside, one of which we put in our bedroom, and I love how it fills up the room. I will likely leave it there and get something else for outside next summer.
7. I need to swap out the summer stuff from the baskets in the mudroom (add it to the list...).
8. One would think I run a daycare from the toys in the basement however I do not. I need proper storage or a big garbage bin. :)

The End.

PS: the wall colour in the picture with the easel is pretty true to life. I recently won some paint from ParaPaints and need to let them know what colour I would like. What should I paint the living room and dining room?? The grey is nice, but I feel like I could go with something new after having this colour for five years... Thoughts?

PPS: I can't believe I'm showing these crazy corners of my house! Ahh!
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